Numa Yitzhak Ltd specializes in earthworks and development works, including infrastructures, for projects on behalf of clients both in the private and public sectors. 

The Company is renown and has accumulated many years of goodwill, it is registered in the official Register of Contractors.  

The Company has first class professional personnel at its disposal as well as advanced equipment. The Company has placed the emphasis on providing a personal and professional service, and makes a point throughout of meticulous supervision in overseeing all its client's works. 

For details and information please call 077-3268450

Numa Yitzhak builds and develops a wide range of projects in the earthworks construction sector, such as:

Asphalting, surfacing of access roads to houses, road humps, infrastructures, renewal of asphalt (parking lots) in private houses and in condominiums, engineering development and consulting - external surfacing with paving stones, parking lots, maintenance services, pipe-works, sewage and drainage, excavation and drilling works, building rockeries and water wells, engineering services and project management including architectural services, road building, excavation of trenches for fencing and ongoing maintenance. 

The NumaYitzhak Company has set itself the objective of being the leading company in Israel in its field and carrying out all the works fully, efficiently and with a major saving in price costs.  Most of the projects are of major scope requiring manpower resources as well as heavy and sophisticated equipment.  We have the best tools at our disposal as well as the most skilled personnel to do the work.

We invite you to browse on our website, form an impression of the range of information skill and professionalism that we have accumulated over the years, in providing an efficient and complete service in a vast number of projects throughout the country with a wide range of abilities of the highest order which the company has taken on board in the completion of such projects.

We shall be pleased to see you added to our list of satisfied and recommending clients.

Call us today and we shall be pleased to be at your service.
PO Box 285, Tsur Moshe 
Telefax: 077-3268451
Cellular: 052-4268450
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